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Anneliese Glaesman

Anneliese Glaesman earned her teacher certification through the Soul Sweat Asana 200-hour Teacher Training Program in 2008. In addition to teaching in the Soul Sweat Asana style, Anneliese enjoys teaching an energetic Vinyasa style yoga and providing her students with hands-on adjustments and assists. 

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Tim Glaesman

Tim Glaesman has been practicing Internal Arts since 1982, specializing in the arts of Tai Chi, Bagua and yoga. His teachers include Masters Tong-In Chan, Phuoc Phan, Kuo-Piao, Zhen Kang-Sun, He JInbao, Xianhao Cheng, and yoga teachers Anita Defrancesco and Kalpana. Tim has been trained in all aspects of the arts including health maintenance, combative usage, competition push hands, and advanced Qigong techniques.

Tai Chi Lineage

Chen Jisheng, founder of Spiral Tai ChiChen Jisheng, founder of Spiral Tai Chi

Master LuMaster Lu
Master Kuo-PiaoMaster Kuo-Piao
Xianhao ChengXianhao Cheng

Tim GlaesmanTim Glaesman


Bagua Lineage

Master Lu ZiJianMaster Lu ZiJian
Master Sun ZhiJunMaster Sun ZhiJun
Masters Zhen Kang-Sun and Lu ZiJianMasters Zhen Kang-Sun and Lu ZiJian

He JinbaoHe Jinbao

Tim GlaesmanTim Glaesman

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Johnny Kuo

Dr. Johnny Kuo has been studying internal arts since 2000. He began his Tai Chi training under Dr. Lipyeow Lim learning the Yang Style 24 Standard short form. Under the tutelage of of Dr. Lim and Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai, he trained Chen Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) learning the LaoJia YiLu (Old Frame, first routine), broadsword, and straight sword forms as well as partner push hands training.

Currently, Johnny is a student and certified I-Liq Chuan (Mind-Body Fist or Zen Tai Chi) instructor studying under Master Sam F.S. Chin. Johnny teaches the Zen, health, qigong, and martial aspects of the I-Liq Chuan system.

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