New Bagua class starting March 7

Bagua is one of the internal Chinese arts, similar to Tai Chi but more physically demanding with greater health benefits. Although the health and energetic benefits of Bagua far exceed those of Tai Chi, Bagua remains one of the most secret and esoteric of the Chinese arts. Bagua remains almost unknown in the United States. Outdoor classes are held every Saturday morning from 11AM to 12PM. Class is held next to the river in Medford park directly across the street from The Pinelands division of the Burlington County Library 39 Allen Avenue Medford, NJ 08055 

Class will initially focus on the beginner palms of Taoist Bagua Master Lu Zijian. Later The beginner palms of Cheng Bagua Master Sun Zhijian will be added before moving to the intermediate level palms from both masters. Ultimately the advanced Bagua animal forms will be added to the class. On going classes will cost $10.00 per person per class. Class will not be held if the temperature is below 40 degrees or if it is raining out.